Three Ideas for Getting a Natural Looking Design

natural feeling decor

One of the most popular design trends these days is incorporating touches of nature in home decor through everything from fabrics and wallpaper to furniture and lighting fixtures. Rustic or reclaimed wood is hugely popular because it's environmentally friendly. Plus, today's modern pieces are much more streamlined than the heavy bulky wooden … [Read more...]

Use Furniture With Branches to Get a Nature-Inspired Look

Decorating with branches

Whether you live in the country surrounded by lush greenery or you live in a high-rise condominium in the heart of town, bringing nature into your home is a quick way to make it more comfortable and beautiful. However, that’s not always as easy as it sounds. Flowers and plants can help, but so can unique pieces of furniture made with real branches from … [Read more...]

Getting a Natural Look: Decorating With Bamboo

Decorating with bamboo

Bamboo is a natural design element that's been used to create beautiful interiors since the 13th century. Chinoiserie designs can be found in furniture, fabrics, accessories, and garden decor. By decorating with bamboo, you can create a natural look that fuses design styles together with ease. Traditional Bedroom by San Marino Interior Designers & … [Read more...]