Fall Decorating Ideas

fall decorating tips

The days are getting shorter and there’s a chill in the air, which means fall is upon us. There are countless decorating ideas that you can use in your home to welcome the season. Here are a few recommendations from the design experts at Harmony Interiors.   Warm up your living room with some autumn color and texture. You can drape a … [Read more...]

Create a Happy Home with Feng Shui

Decorating and Feng Shui

It’s one thing to decorate your home in your preferred style, but it’s quite another to make it a spiritually happy home. Feng shui is the Chinese art of living as one with the elements and it can bring balance to your living space when you incorporate it into your interior design. Here are a few feng shui tips from the experts at Harmony Interiors that … [Read more...]

Great Design Ideas for Small Spaces

Design for Small Spaces

Just because your condo or vacation home is low on square footage doesn’t mean you have to settle for ho-hum décor. There are plenty of ideas on how to spruce up your Colorado interior design and create a space that makes a statement. Check out some pointers specifically intended for small spaces, courtesy of the décor professionals at Harmony … [Read more...]