Above the Stove Kitchen Storage

Have you ever thought of going above the stove for kitchen storage? If there is one complaint designers hear often it is not having enough space. The truth is, sometimes there is plenty of space, just too much stuff! Be that as it may, a great option for extra space in the kitchen is still the area above the stove. Take a look at a few kitchens that have above the stove storage that also adds to the aesthetics of the kitchen.

above stove storage

Photo via Houzz

A simple stainless steel rack to hang utensils and commonly used sauces and spices would be very convenient above the stove.


above stove storage 1

Photo via pinterest.com

This stainless steel shelf creates the perfect spot for extra saucepans, plates, and cooking oils.


above stove storage 2

Photo via thekitchn.com

Above stove storage is essential in a cozy kitchen that is limited on space.

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